8 Electric Car Service Questions

2022 Lexus NX F Sport Turning Corner

Electric cars of all varieties are hitting the market, with Lexus pushing out the latest NX PHEV which features a short all-electric driving range and the fully electric RZ 450, it’s clear that the electrification of vehicles will play a vital role in our future. Freehold drivers checking these cars usually are full of questions. Do electric cars have horsepower? Do electric cars have a transmission? Do electric cars need oil? Ray Catena Lexus of Freehold covers common service questions below! Our service center is ready to help.

1. Do Electric Cars Need Oil?

So, do electric cars need oil? Nope! Oil lubricates the parts of a conventional gas engine, but a fully electric car doesn’t have a traditional engine, just an electric powertrain. So you won’t need to take your electric vehicle in for an oil change all the time! A plug-in hybrid like the NX PHEV uses both a gas and electric motor, so you will need an oil change on that. 

2. Do Electric Cars Have Horsepower?

“Do electric cars have horsepower?” is another common question that Holmdel and Colts Neck drivers ask us. The answer is yes, but you won’t always see it labeled as horsepower. Some automakers are choosing to use KW to measure the power of their electric vehicles. If you want to see how this stacks up to hp specs, you can easily find a “kw to hp” conversion to determine how much horsepower an EV has.

3. Do Electric Cars Have a Transmission?

Do electric cars have a transmission? Internal combustion engines switch between various gears and they’ll need to use the transmission to rev up the torque. EVs are different, as they produce the same amount of torque regardless of RPM. So, EVs have transmissions, but they don’t have any need to change gears. 

4. Do Electric Cars Have Alternators?

Electric cars do not have alternators in the traditional sense. Many EVs use a DC-to-DC converter that charges the 12-volt battery with power from the main battery pack.

5. Do Electric Cars Have Catalytic Converters?

Catalytic converters remove the byproducts of internal combustion engines. You may see where this is heading – electric engines don’t need catalytic converters because they don’t produce those byproducts. 

6. Do Electric Cars Have Exhaust Systems? 

Absolutely not! After all, electric cars don’t burn fossil fuels in their internal combustion engine, so no exhaust is needed. If you see them on an EV, it’s pure decoration.

7. Do Electric Cars Have Heaters/Do Electric Cars Have Air Conditioning? 

Certainly! The AC and heating system is powered by the electricity stored in the batteries, and your use of it can affect range, kind of like how your AC can hurt your fuel economy in a gas-powered car.

8. Do Electric Cars Last Longer Than Gas Cars? 

This is one of the big questions that Old Bridge drivers ask us. One major advantage of electric cars is that they have fewer components in their engines. This means that EVs generally have much greater longevity than gas-powered cars. They can represent a big initial investment, but it’s this longevity that really pays off in the end.

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